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Biker Wallet Gift Set


Made from top quality American saddle leather
Black leather interior
Hand sewn in ivory thread
Snaps closed with nickel snaps
3 credit card slots that easily fit 9 cards (full pockets, not just slots)
Large pocket behind credit card panel for extra storage
Nice size money flap to easily get to your cash
Measures 7 inches by 4 inches (18 cm by 10 cm) closed
Grommet on back to connect a wallet chain

Wallet Chain:

Our best selling and top rated leather wallet chain is a unique and modern alternative to the classic metal wallet chain. It is lightweight and won’t clink on everything like your typical metal chain.
There is an oval nickel clasp for the front and a nickel trigger clasp on the wallet end. We include a jump ring to make it easier to connect to your wallet.

Sizes are 17 inches or 21 inches (43 cm or 53.5 cm) from end to end
Width is 3/4 inch (2 cm)

Bottle Opener Key Chain:

Brushed stainless steel, great choice of metal for strength and durability
Bottle opener will last forever and never rust
Leather loop is made from thick American saddle leather, it is very sturdy
Snap closure to easily snap the loop around your belt or belt loop or closed as a leather handle
Width is 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Total length is 6 inches (15 cm)
There is a 6 letter or number limit for personalization

Leather Care:

Our all natural leather care will bring life back to the leather as well as condition, hydrate and waterproof. Made from all natural beeswax that we get from a local bee keeper and neatsfoot oil, which has been used to oil leather for hundreds of years. It will add a natural shine, not a high gloss. It may darken your leather slightly, but has no dye so it will not add color.

Use a clean cloth to apply the leather care in circular motions. Let dry completely. Great to use on wallets, bags, boots, shoes, jackets, baseball gloves, belts and saddles. Do not use on suede, oil tanned leather or rare skins. Our all natural ingredients are completely safe to use around family and pets.