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Brass Vertebrae Wallet Chain

Brass Vertebrae Wallet Chain


These wallet chains are hand woven link by link. They are made using the finest jewelers brass links we can get our hands on and finished with top quality clips. Heavy duty and built to last, this chain will not rust or fall apart.

  • 16 gauge brass chain in our vertebrae weave
  • Measures 21 or 17 inches (53 cm or 43 cm) end to end
  • Available with a brass trigger clasp or brass hook as main clasp, wallet end has a trigger clasp
  • Fits perfectly with our leather wallets

Free US shipping. MI#16g7321438

Please contact us with any questions. We will try to get back to you right away, we pride ourselves on our design and production as well as our customer service.


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17 Inch, 21 Inch


Clip 1, Clip 2

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