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Eagle Seat

Eagle Seat


  • Here is one of our best examples of our custom leather seats. Not only is it hand tooled and dyed, but we also give it a custom leather stitching around the perimeter. Made from the highest quality American saddle leather.
  • Leather on top and bottom of seat
  • Pan and padding are included
  • Seat pan measures 15 inches by 12 inches 10 ga steel
  • 3/4 inch closed cell high compression neoprene pad for extra comfort
  • Standard stud spacing 7 inches apart (any spacing available at your request)

The design is optional. It is an example of the many types of designs that we could create whether you have a design in mind or would like us to make one for you. You can send us your seat pan and we will cover it. We cover metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.

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